Business Tools & Resources

When it comes to business tools, I rely on the same resources from project to project. I’m loyal to reliability and accessibility on my iPhone and Mac products.

The tools listed below are used within my online businesses to manage daily operations, keep track of finances, educational tools for school and business (running my Amazon FBA company).

These items may shift and transition to newer versions or updates over time and I will update this list regularly, so bookmarking this page will be helpful.

A majority of these tools are free. Some of them are not free at all. Some are regular subscriptions and some are just a one time fee. Some may contain affiliate links, and MBNY Media, Inc. receives a small commission, although there is no extra charge or cost to you.

These recommendations are based on my experience of the past 7 years of running online businesses. I have used them all equally to build successful websites and I have used them on projects I have lost or made no money at all.

As with all things, your talent, skill, and ability is the only thing that will determine your result and profit. The proceeds MBNY Media, Inc. receives from affiliate marketing, helps to pay college tuition, as well as to keep this journal operating.

The duality of life and business says that for every option, there is an equal and opposite competitor that you could also choose. I’ve shared with you my tools to my workflow and success online.

Amazon FBA Merchant Seller Account

Amazon being the main digital marketplace that MBNY Media operates within. There are others and you would want the most professional account they offer. 

With Amazon, a Pro Merchant account will cost $39.99 per month, and we were able to take advantage of a first month free deal.

Amazon allows you to sell without a pro merchant account, however, you’d be paying $.99 per sale. 

Since an inventory of 400+ items is our goal, it made sense to pay the subscription fee.

This blog is built using Squarespace.

This blog is built using Squarespace.

The reason we chose Squarespace is because it is streamlined and professional, with all the bells and whistles, yet it is extremely reliable and will scale with our business.

Yes, there are cheaper options out there through bluehost, Wix, and, but Squarespace provides security and professional templates that take little to no time to set up. You will take more time creating content for your Squarespace website, than you will connecting all of the backend of a Wordpress site.

Furthermore, is noted for their content management and search engine optimization benefits. However, since making the transition from Wordpress to Squarespace, I haven't lost any SEO traffic on my older websites. I don't for-see that changing with this site. See MBNY Media Inc.'s business cards here.


I think business cards are about capturing someone's attention. Sealing an extra 15 seconds of talk time upon meeting a potential contact or lead. That's one of the benefits of a well presented, professional business card. It buys you a few more seconds to truly make someone more curious. Attention: Capturing and leading their imagination starts with the business card. Interest: Elevator pitch. Desire: Unique Selling Point. Action: What's in it for them.

My current sourcing setup. The Iphone 6 and the KDC 200i.

My current sourcing setup. The Iphone 6 and the KDC 200i.

The KDC 200i sits under my iphone 6. It is hidden when I am out sourcing in department stores or thrift shops. 

The KDC 200i sits under my iphone 6. It is hidden when I am out sourcing in department stores or thrift shops. 

The KDC 200i is a small, discreet bluetooth scanner that I’ve velcroed to the  case of an iphone 6 case. I used an old iPhone I had laying around and re-employed it as a dedicated business line and scanner.

Protecting the long and short term goals of MBNY Media, scanning in public places where passerby’s and store employees are not triggered or alarmed by overt behavior (even if it is legal).

You often can use the camera phone that is apart of your smart phone, but you will slow down your ability to scan efficiently.


Just like when you're in the grocery store and the line is long. This is about listing speed. I use a barcode scanner connected to a MacBook Pro via the USB, to list items online. It removes the need to type any barcodes into excel. 

In hindsight, the KDC may have been enough. But now that we’ve been using assistants more, it has become an added asset.


We sell new and used items. Scotty Peelers help to remove those stickers without leaving a nasty residue. Preserve the quality of your books, new or used, by removing labels without damaging the book.


Having a scale around the house that you weigh yourself on, is not what we’re talking about. This little scale is something you’ll need in order to ensure your sending inbound shipments to amazon that meet their shipping requirements. 

I purchased this acute scale on amazon for $30.


The Dymo printer will save on printing label costs. We purchased one on Amazon Prime for $60 including two rolls of 1,000 labels. You do have the laser or ink jet printer option with 30 up labels, but you’ll eventually have to buy ink or toner. The Dymo Label Writer 450 turbo uses heat to print, so it never runs out of ink or toner it doesn’t need to work. 


If you want to prevent moments of frustration when packing your shipment to Amazon, you want a quality tape gun and packing tape. There’s a difference between those generic tape guns and the one’s by Uline or Scotch Tape. 


Amazon will charge you a fee for sending in your inventory and using peanuts or loose fitting materials like shredded paper. Newspaper is fine, yet you run the risk of it bleeding off onto your packaging. These rolls of paper are recyclable and fill in the gaps perfectly.


Amazon FBA requires us to send in boxes that are under 50 lbs. 16x12x12 from Home Depot work perfect. We purchased 15 for .15 cents a piece. Lots of people are told to get boxes and these office materials from second hand or garbage bin. We recommend sourcing and forming business to business relationships with local office supply retailers in New York City. It's a small way we can still support local commerce in New York. It's also important to get out of the office or cafe to interact with others and this promotes that.