Why There’s a Blog Post Every Single Day

Why There’s a Blog Post Every Single Day

The reason I started this blog and journal, was to find a voice as a business expert.

It’s not about being a student since continuing education never ends, and being able to innovate within business is a must.

Finding my voice is more important to me than anything else related to this blog. Being able to express my ideas, strategies insights, successes, and failures, will allow me to achieve greater things than blogging for profit. 

The process of finding my voice will allow me to also find certainty. Russell Brunson in his book Expert Secrets talks about attaining certainty as a business leader through daily podcasts, Facebook, audio, video, snapchat, or any platform that works for you.

Blogging is chosen format since i write down a majority of my ideas in my physical journal or my iPhone DayOne app.

Gary Vaynerchuk is my primary motivation for these daily blog posts. Gary has a videographer called “D”, who follows him around with a camera recording and documenting his entire day.

This blog will allow me to do that as I document my journey of raising my first born child…This company called MBNY Media Inc.

Starting off this blog and journal is about transparency. I come from a generation of people who take things with them to the grave. 

And while I also have secrets I will take to the grave, the remainder of this life will be spent creating business assets as an entrepreneur, and sharing all of the ins and outs of that journey here.

My goal with blogging daily is to share my vision and ideas in a way that allows others to learn as I learn. Learn from my mistakes, although I think we all learn better with first hand failure.

I do anticipate growth of this blogs traffic and the people will come. And if they don’t it’s ok, the document series will still go on.

Over the course of week, months, and years, the habit and consistency I build will translate to me being an entrepreneur who runs his businesses and companies with great certainty and transparency.