Where Does Entrepreneurship Fit Into Who I Am and My Lifestyle?

Where Does Entrepreneurship Fit Into Who I Am and My Lifestyle?

More and more people want the government and firms in corporate America to take more responsibility for their circumstances in their lives. I’ve had the luxury of being raised by an immigrant mother, who never accepted any handouts, never made any excuses, and raised all of five of her children to approach the world in the same way.

Both of my parents are business owners who have always been self-made. Far from being millionaires, they taught me how to be self-reliant. How to assess an environment, act independently while drawing from all the resources and human capital available, to fuse them together in a way that creates harmonious success. With the advances in the world-wide web and mobile technology, being self-reliant, while assuming all risk, with the greater reward, has never been easier. My skillsets fit into the current and future marketplace as an online entrepreneur.

Leading by example, managing multiple, diverse ethnicities, while remaining focused on my goal of being a business owner, are principles I have had a strong awareness of since a young age. Both of my parents birthed me into a family structure that has resulted in all five of their children creating and operating their own businesses and controlling their own professional and financial futures. We were raised to understand what a free and open marketplace is. I started to build my skills in sales, working flea markets tables with my mother, in catholic church parking lots I was 8.

My resume shows a variety of experiences, learning opportunities, and skills that are key to being an entrepreneur in the 21st century marketplace. I’ve worked for startup companies where the corporate culture was strung together on a shoe string budget, yet we could turn a significant return on investment 8 months later. I’ve worked as a sales broker selling health insurance to Obama Care enthusiasts who’ve had cancer for years and needed solutions to getting health care coverage. I’ve fought for this country in Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, and many other countries, for Americans to have a society and economy based on capitalism. I was one of the few Marines who understood fighting for oil and land in the middle east being a lucrative business decision for the United States of America.

I have a great deal of respect for the business community in New York City, the World Wide Web, as well as international business sectors. Although I act as a one man show often, I understand the benefits of having a support system or team around you. So, while I feel I have the tools and resources to create profit for myself as an online entrepreneur, where I fit into the marketplace for other businesses and companies is through business management, joint ventures, and partnerships. I understand the value I could potentially provide a firm and whether my strengths would benefit them. Where most people are looking to work for a company, I’m looking to create opportunities for others that will mutually fulfill goals of revenue and profit.