What is an Entrepreneur? Are Entrepreneurs Born?

What is an Entrepreneur?

Are Entrepreneurs Born?

I believe an entrepreneur is a visionary who anticipates market trends and human behavior and puts all his chips in his ability to make appropriate decisions during economic uncertainty. The market ALWAYS dictates. Entrepreneurs who are concerned with the way the marketplace used to be, versus being focused on where the market currently is, and where it’s headed. One of my biggest pet peeves about modern entrepreneurs is their sense of entitlement. They believe the market they start up in is going to be a consistent they can rely on without planning or preparing for a major market shakeup.

There is a huge difference between wanting to be an entrepreneur and operating within the marketplace as an entrepreneur. While most people believe things that are reasonably presented, entrepreneurship is something that you are born with or born into. At best, you can fake it till you make it, learning along the way. However, most entrepreneurs will tell you that, they were doing things, operating within business capacities, assuming risks and liabilities, way before they knew they were business professionals, let alone entrepreneurs. These are the kids in schools that are selling baseball cards to their friends. Girls that are selling cupcakes or lemonade on the corner. These are kids who are not consumer by nature. They are visionaries with a creative business mind. They see toys, collectibles, skills and services as opportunities to create profit. They value the transaction and reward more than they value the toy or the sugary treat.

A lot of entrepreneurs have their version from an early age, or they were born into a family business where they were taught the ins and outs of small business and commerce from day one. Business owners and professionals who decide later in life they want to be an entrepreneur because the lifestyle and illusion of grandiose profit, fame, or both, are setting themselves up for failure. It’s a mistake to believe that freelancers, contract workers, or even self-employed people are entrepreneurs. Learned behavior by academia or by finding a mentor and surrounding yourself with people who will teach and show you ways of being an entrepreneur, which starts with your mindset and approach to business.