Watch This and Think About Whether You Are The Rich Mom or The Poor Dad.

Watch this and think about whether you are The Rich Dad or The Poor Dad.

I’m in a stage of life where...

I’ve gone from being an employee, to being self-employed for the past 7 years, to now owning and operating my own corporation, which is a system I’ve built following the CashFlow Quadrant.

I ask and send this to you because...

I think about the things I was taught in high school and now in college (although not so much because Im studying entrepreneurship) but they teach you to be employees. No two ways about it.

And unless you as a parent have...

Specifically raised your kids to understand getting an education while pursuing business ownership and investing…then it’s a systemic problem in parenting more so than in society.

What are your thoughts?

Have you read this book by Robert Kiyosaki?

Have you parented with any of this in mind?

Any feedback will help.

It's for my own growth and understanding and the best examples I have to reference are you and my other siblings! It's all been witnessed from a far and instead of thinking I know, I want to delve into your minds and hearts and see what comes up that I can learn and grow from.

I feel like we are all children inside.

I reference myself to being an 8 year old in a 38 year old body. I'm now raising that inner kid, by being the parent that he needs at this point in life, in order to grow into being emotionally mature, in a way that is relative to my age.

Most people do not get to...

Do inner work, or they let their life situation (mentality) limit their growth. I'm fortunate enough to have an action first figure it out later approach, so again, thank you for sharing and the feedback!

Talking about being 8 in a 38-year-old body.

I always talk about pretending to be an adult because I have children. We are all children at heart pretending to be adults. I understand totally and I will give you my feedback.

Perfect. Thank you for that. I look forward to hearing from you! Have an amazing day! I Love you too!