The #RunPainFree Program for Zombies Promotional Video

The #RunPainFree Program for Zombies Promotional Video

Today I finished a video project for #RunPainFree.

This is a video I've filmed on the Apple Iphone 6 and Iphone 7 Plus.

It was edited on Final Cut Pro X.

I used Filmic Pro to capture raw video footage 24 fps.

Edited film 720p 30fps itunes mp4 format.

Two hours of shooting video on location at Carl Schurz Park...

Chelsea Piers...And other locations in New York City.

I used the iPhone 7 Plus for photos and video backup.


I used theiPhone 6 solely for shooting video.  

It has a larger storage bank between my two options.

Don’t trade your extra iPhone in as an #onlineentrepreneur in.

Use your extra as an extra camera on location for B-roll or extra footage.

Many times one phone dies and I have another Iphone waiting fully charged with all of the apps and storage space already allocated and waiting.

6 and a half hours of video editing.

I use FinalCutPro and I have my presets and settings set.

I use googles Business account G-Suite to store and organize all of my video footage and photos.

$5 a month for professional backup and mobile accessibility anywhere.

The following is the video editing comments for the video.

This is the final cut that RunPainFree accepted.