The Lovely Lonely Journey of an Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is someone who knows who they are and doesn’t care what other people think about them or their ideas. An entrepreneur understands the long-term vision behind their company. The person who needs outside opinion from their families, loved ones, mentor, or friends will never survive as an entrepreneur.

To survive as an entrepreneur, you should be so disgusted with corporate America and the way an office or cubicle feels, that it makes you sick to your stomach. That way you wake up every day and pursue your day to day business transactions with perseverance and focus. You will face adversity, struggle, no sales, no phone calls, no call backs. People fire you differently in the world of being an entrepreneur. Often, you never hear from someone again. They just stop contacting you, unless there’s a contract involved.

Being able to take full and complete ownership for any and everything that happens to you and your business, realizing that you must solve every problem and provide a solution, ever adapting to the ebb and flow of the marketplace. I’ve had the blessing of being raised by an old-school entrepreneur who taught me to never make excuses and to assume responsibility for everything your name is attached to. Technology has allowed me to recreate the retail business I grew up within, seeing the ins and outs of it, and multiply this infrastructure in a digital format.

Gone are the days of needing a brick and mortar business, an entrepreneur monitors and adjusts with the swing of the market, assuming a level of risk and liability, betting on his strength of making sense and profit out of chaos, while innovating solutions that promote and stimulate economic growth.