SMART Goals for Nike 2018 Marketing Strategies

Smart Nike 2018 Objectives


Nike has a plan to focus on 12 key cities (New York, London, Shanghai, Beijing, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Mexico City, Barcelona, Seoul, and Milan) in its consumer direct offense marketing strategy.

For the Nike Free RN Flyknit, New York and Los Angeles will be our primary focus 2018 through 2020.


Consumer demographics and behavior will be the core of this 12 city incubator for new products. 

For the Nike Free RN Flyknit, we will use customer driven data such as colors, color schemes and patterns, based on the preferences of these major cities globally, with a focus on New York and Los Angeles within the United States Market.


Using data, trends, and behavioral patterns from consumers in Nike’s major markets, we will be able to rely upon consumer trends and preferences in sneaker form and function. 

We will test Nike Free RN Flyknit’s variables and options that will immediately reflect consumer engagement and increased sales.


Using this marketing strategy will express an accurate representation of segmented market preference. 

As data is collected it is analyzed and adjusted with real-time sales data.


Over the next 6 fiscal months, and over the next 2 calendar years (2020).