Scientific Management: McDonald's & Mary Parker Follet


Mary Parker Follet

The Mother of Modern Management

Two of the major components of the classical approaches of management are Scientific Management  and Fayol's administrative management.  Explain what each contributed to management and contrast them.

Scientific management and administrative management are classical management approaches that have their advantages when applied to an ideal business model.

Scientific management takes the approach of analyzing a work related task and deciding the most efficient manner to efficiently complete the job.

The corporation that has applied this management style best is McDonald’s. Each position and task has been analyzed to determine the most ideal manner to complete the job as fast as possible, while maintaining quality.

McDonald’s has analyzed the scientific data related to doing certain tasks, and the created a process and system, based one the “One Best Way” to complete the job.

Administrative management is also a classic management approach. Providing balance amongst executive management positions, Mary Parker Follet is credited with bringing an more unique understanding to management. 

She noted that both sides can often benefit in any given situation. There are more than general ways of motivating employees. Being able to understand that every individual employee has unique needs and concerns, contributed greatly to the contributions Mary Parker Follet has made to Administrative Management.

While Mary Parker Follet has been often called the “mother of modern management”, Henry Fayols contributions cannot be denied having a profound effect on the way executives created the visions for their manager and company’s.

He created 14 Principles of management, that he believed were universal truths that managers should apply with reason and flexibility. He conveyed that the principles were a starting point to address the various concerns and processes of managers. 

This was all based on his own experience as a manager.