Robert Kiyasaki's Cashflow Quadrant applied to MBNY Media Inc

What I’m Currently Doing in My Amazon Business

I'm currently reading a book called  The Cashflow Quadrant which is written by Robert Kiyosaki. 

The CASHFLOW Quadrant  breaks down the various ways by which a person earns their income or makes their money.

Here are the four quadrant letters meanings:

In Cashflow Quadrants, a book by Robert Kyosaki, he talks about how people fall into one of the following categories.

  • Employee: There’s value in the person who you can hire and not worry about them threatening to eventually become your competitor. This type of individuals vision and growth lies within their ability to establish safety and security through a company who provides them a career with benefits. 
  • Self-employed: The person who believes that if you want a job done right you have to do it yourself. The lone ranger. They rule their own job and perform business as a solo act. So their profitability is related directly to their hours worked.
  • Business Owner: The type of person who is looking for a system, a good network and the smartest people they know to help them run their business
  • Investor: They person who wants their money to work for them.

You can be in multiple compartments.
you can be an employee and investing at the same time.

  • E for employee: In my work history as an professional, I've worked for the United States Marine Corps and Equinox Fitness. 
  • S for self-employed: I've done various contractual work for Oscar Health Insurance. I've also worked for myself for the past 7 years as a  functional movement expert and a health and wellness consultant.
  • B for business owner: This is the phase in currently within. Experimenting with different business structures and forms of entrepreneurship.
  • I for investor: I'm raising the capital to invest.

I’ve also spent the past 6 weeks sourcing used media items at thrift stores around NYC. 


During this period of time I’ve been sourcing one item for every 70-75 items scanned. My goal is to source 100 media items per week. 

I was facing an uphill battle so I enlisted an assistant to double the effort. 
I went out with an assistant to various outlets, so they can scan a different category simultaneously.

This doubled my efficiency and ability to discover items in half the time. I’ve been discovering which stores have a heavy rotation of inventory, versus the stores that have a stagnant set of inventory. 

But it’s’ still not enough. And it would be expensive to get enough human resources to input enough scanned books to achieve 100 books weekly.

I’ve been documenting every aspect of sourcing inventory and have followed a basic purchasing criteria which has eliminated the guess work out of discerning what to purchase.

Understanding the volume of items that is required to uncover source-able inventory. So the priority for outsourcing inventory will be EFlip. This will give us the ability to source multiple items in one individual effort, removing all books that don’t meet the criteria to purchase.


Ultimately, the goal is to train two assistants or employees, to be able to execute media-sourcing using EFlip. Their focus and sole job  would be to search a database of sorted books that have been filtered according to MBNY Media’s purchasing criteria.