Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Putting your money where your mouth is.

The fear of putting your money on the line in order to push yourself in ways that most people won’t Not every one can accept the pain with the conceptual idea of being an entrepreneur. The fact that the person who fights the hardest wins, is missed by many employees. The immediate reward of working for a company that you are adding value to and building versus struggling and feeling the pain of financial sacrifice, to see a return 5, 10 years later. 

Independence isn’t as attractive as many make it out to appear.

I’ve never been on a yacht being waited on hand and foot because of the money I’m making as an online entrepreneur. However I am able to own my own businesses, that allow me to work for myself. And over the net 2 years, I can scale my current companies to levels where I am able to employ others, and assume more social responsibility as an entrepreneur. My work ethic matters more than my skills, talents, gifts, because my work ethic is built on discipline and emotional observation. Identifying what needs to be done to accomplish a specific goal and remaining focused and relentless about during it until the target is hit. The marine corps was paramount in establishing the habit of action irregardless of how you feel emotionally. Many people are stuck in the overwhelming sensations their emotions bring to the surface in key moments in life or within an opportunity. Being self-aware and empowered has opened the door to expansion of my business experience, knowledge, and ambition. 

Putting your money where your mouth is, is about doubling down on your strengths and setting up system that capitalizes on the freedoms you have as a United States citizen. Being born in this country and going through the school system, you can easily fall in to the mindset of a worker or employee, never understanding or realizing the opportunity you’ve been presented, being born into a economy built on capitalism. There aren’t the same limitations on your business ideas as if you were born in another country. You’re not forced into specific career choices.

You have the right to start a business in anything you want

You have the right to start a business in anything you want and make as much money as your skills, talents, gifts, experience, and knowledge will allow. It’s amazing how people who live in a society with no limitations, end up creating self-limiting beliefs as opposed to realizing they can create anything they believe in. No matter how abusive or traumatic your childhood, the fact that you were born on American soil is a game changer. Yet many are upset with the way their parents raised them. I was ignorant in that same sense, at one point as well. 
Having an American citizenship should mean you are obligated to

starting and operating  your own business. Whether it fails or succeeds, it should be an opportunity and advantage that you take advantage of. And any fear or excuse that you can think of is such a small factor when you consider the true limitations of being born in another country and trying to set up a business there.

Always Bet on Yourself

Always bet on yourself, no matter who you are,, where you are, or where you were born. But if you were born in the United States of America and have spent your life working for someone else, I challenge you to strategize with me how we can turn your life into a monetized lifestyle based on your strengths, skills, and natural abilities.