Million Dollar Intrinsic Family Jewels (Part 4)

How will I make an impact on millions of New Yorkers, while pursuing my American dream of becoming a millionaire? My plan is to use my skills knowledge, and abilities to employ hundreds of New Yorkers. My goal of becoming a millionaire, started as a goal in 2014, when I figured out how to make over six-figures a year, as a sole-proprietor.

My next thought was to create a ten-year plan that would duplicate my efforts tenfold over the following ten years. It was in the United States Marine Corps where I learned the benefits of creating a team of specialized individuals who are motivated and dedicated to fulfilling an objective. The decision to attend Berkeley College was to learn the business theory behind crafting a vision and management approach necessary to owning and operating a million-dollar small business or corporation.

My purpose is to offer employment to the people of the United States, particularly in New York City. I have made sacrifices in life that have allowed me to birth a family of multiple businesses, during a period of growth, most young adults focus on birthing kids and a family. While many hard-working Americans check the weather every morning, I am reminded of why my mother migrated to this country, and how I can fulfill her vision of prosperity and wealth for her children. In the land of opportunity, embracing that obstacles make one stronger, mitigates the risk of creating companies.

The same spirit of embracing risk, which landed my mother on American soil 50 years ago, is the same intrinsic energy that allows me to invest my time, energy, and capital resources into opportunities most Americans are fearful of. Fifty years from today, I will be known for providing employment opportunities to hundreds of US citizens.

And consequently, in six-years I will be a millionaire.