Million Dollar Intrinsic Family Jewels (Part 3)

New York City Public Library visit at Berkeley College NYC

There are many landmarks and buildings in New York City that were designed for tourists and citizens of the city, to use in pursuit of their American dream. The propaganda the media disseminated in the '60s was targeting immigrants in New York City, like my mother.

The New York Public Library's Exhibit on 1960s America, showed ad campaigns of Uncle Sam saying, "I Want Out," and a white woman and Hispanic woman promoting the same message of "We Can Do It" and "Si Se Puede." The ‘60s exhibit continued to garner much of my attention. It featured Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Jimmy Hendrix, many of the signs, symbols, and images of a time when the American Dream was commercialized.


The psychedelic colors and imagery were specific references to a period when LSD and other drugs were gateways to spiritual freedom. I fought in combat during Operation Iraqi Enduring Freedom, when George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld convinced the United States and the rest of the world that there were weapons of mass destruction in the middle east. Seeing images of war during the 1960s, placed me emotionally into the same scenarios I was seeing soldiers reflect in pictures.

How would I have survived a war with Vietnam?

It is a blessing to have traveled around the world, visiting places like Australia, Korea, Tokyo, London, Italy, yet none of those places send a flood of emotions through my body like New York.  The New York Public Library was built and maintained for the people of New York City. My entrepreneurial ventures will also benefit millions of New Yorkers, the way The New York Public Library system has impacted millions of New Yorkers and tourists.