Million Dollar Intrinsic Family Jewels (Part 2)

           There is an old saying that goes, "the bridge shows up after you jump." On June 19, 2018, our family will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of our migration to the United States. At the age of 24, Merline Angela Francis stepped foot on American soil in Queens, New York, after a flight into Kennedy airport from Kingston, Jamaica. She and my grandmother, Ada Elizabeth Ramsay, came up with a plan to migrate into the United States, out of their mutual need for survival.

My mother was an only child, and my grandmother estranged from her family. They relied on God for the vision, self-regulation, and perseverance needed to endure the journey of, migrating to the United States of America. A joyful journey that did not need or require any handouts from any government. Moreover, out of that journey came beautiful children, friends, and independence to live and work for ourselves. 

The entrepreneurial spirit and understanding of a capitalist society, allowed my grandmother to work for herself from the day she stepped foot into New York City. My mother and grandmother created the template that their first-generation American kids would then follow to seek out education, set up infrastructures and systems, which create wealth and profit within our family. Many second and third generation American families stay in impoverished neighborhoods. They are unwilling to make the sacrifice of uprooting their families, to seek an opportunity in another state or county.

Our family grew up with a matriarch of entrepreneurs who knew how to capitalize on an opportunity, and that has been passed on to the next generation within our family. God blessed America, and New York City has afforded my family many public establishments like the New York Public Library, that were created to provide resources to all.