An Entrepreneur Loves Chaos and Distrusts Security

An Entrepreneur Loves Chaos and Distrusts Security. They’re the person who understands there is no such thing as a bad market. The entrepreneur understands that markets are moody because people are moody, and moody emotional people causes chaos and depressions when the market is good.

Business owners who think they know what entrepreneurship is all about, and what entails being an entrepreneur, are often rudely awakened when the bottom drops out of the market they’ve dominated for the past 7 years. Due to a market that benefits their current business model. But what happens when the market shifts, or corrects, or drops, or whatever else financial propaganda paints it as.

The entrepreneur knows this is just the tide of the ocean. People wanting to think they are assuming risk when the reality is they are leveraging a market high. They left a corporate job thinking they’ve found their market and niche. Yet they will have no idea how to survive a market shift in the form of a financial riptide.

An entrepreneur anticipates and even welcomes those shifts and chaotic moments, because they know that out of the rubble is opportunity and being an entrepreneur is about economic macro level thinking, from 30,000 feet above. We have vision and perspective that isn’t within a business managers line of sight.

We also are not relying on market trends in the same way a secure business owner is hoping and praying they can survive a market collapse without changing one thing in their business model.