MBNY Media Inc.'s Papa John's Business Memo

Business Memo

To: You the Reader                                                                 Date: November 4, 2017

From: Daniyel Bingham

Subject: Papa John’s International Inc. Impacted by Aggressive NFL Marketing

The purpose of this memo is to make a recommendation for Papa John’s International Inc., once their contract with the National Football League comes to a completion, February 2018.


Papa John’s International Inc. who has been an advertising partner with the NFL for the past 7 years, recently invested a large amount of capital into the 2017-2018 NFL season. The decision to focus much of their 2017 marketing budget into television, is proving to be a mistake, amidst the NFL’s players protesting the national anthem, and the NFL oversaturating its own product in the digital, mobile marketplace (Julie Jargon, 2017).

Key Findings

The NFL had its most productive and profitable year in 2015 and Papa John’s International Inc. was the NFL’s biggest sponsor at the time. They benefited from investing large amounts of marketing and advertising dollars into the private company during a period when the NFL had its highest visibility and marketing potential. The NFL has diluted its product since 2015, primarily by aggressively making their premier product, football games, available to too many digital media formats. Prior to the start of the 2017 NFL season, Amazon bought exclusive rights to Thursday Night football games through Amazon’s digital mobile entertainment platform.

“The games will continue to be available on television as well. The Thursday night package is split between CBS and NBC. The NFL Network also carries Thursday night football (Joe Flint, 2017). This will continue to take away many viewers who would have no other option other than to watch NFL games on television.


It is recommended that Papa John’s International Inc. sever ties with the National Football League for major marketing and advertising solutions. With the NFL continuing to expand its own marketing efforts at the expense of its advertising partnerships, Papa John’s international Inc. should explore other effective media platforms to reach their market segment while reducing their marketing efforts via television advertising with the National Football League.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at Daniyel-bingham@berkeleycollege.edu

Daniyel Bingham

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