Managing Human Resources in 21st Century Business

Managing Human Resources in 21st Century Business

Human resources management

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A system of organizational activities to attract, develop, and motivate an effective and qualified workforce. Also known as a talent, human capital, or personnel management.

The core foundation of human resource management is training, staffing, performance assessment, rewards, and labor relations. 

A company can create a strategic competitive advantage when implement and cultivate resources that are organized, unique, diverse, and highly skilled.

The impact on society and the rewards a company receives can be directly attributed to human resource management reserouces:

1. People create value.

Employees and staff can raise a companies value by lowering expenses, sharing their unique gifts and professional talents, often times BOTH!

2. Talent is rare.

People are competitive by nature and will leverage their individual skills and abilities to excel  in competitive environments. 

21st Century business demands companies  invest in hiring the best of the best and the most intelligent team oriented professionals and experts to fill roles within their companies.

3. A group of well trained, highly skilled, and motivated staff is hard to copy.

It’s one for a Japanese company to reverse engineer your product or service. It’s a totally separate idea for a competitor to imitate the Amazing and brilliant talent and human capital you have on your staff and team.

4. People can be organized for success. 

Having a staff of managers that are able to identify the competitive advantage within their individual team members and their talents…then organizing them in ways that address and impact new tasks and projects, as fast as they present themselves.

Strategizing and decision making as a HR manager requires the ability to fuse elements of staffing, benefits, and various human capital matters into the organizations success and profit as a company.

EXAMPLE:  Top level management teams utilizing HR managers to implement extreme downsizing while still maintaining top executives thought generous salaries or bonuses or they may hesitate to risk aggressively investigating and challenging corrupt management practices.