Lori Greiner from “Shark Tank” on Entrepreneurs and Working 80 Hours a Week

Lori Greiner from “Shark Tank” told business insiders this about entrepreneurs: "I have a quote that I always say, that I love, which is, 'Entrepreneurs are the only people who will work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week (Kane).”

An entrepreneur is a business person who approaches business as a lifestyle. Having the mindset that says the journey and process is more important than the result. An entrepreneur doesn’t feel the physical or mental effects of working 80 hours for themselves. However, an entrepreneur would feel suffocated working 40 hours with benefits and a 401k, yet for someone else.

It is living life with the mindset and approach that every decision you make in your personal life, affects your business. And every decision you make in your business life, affects your personal life. The entrepreneur is the business professional who understands and embraces those principles, by choosing to make business their lifestyle.  The idea of working 40 hours a week for a company or another person seems ridiculous to an entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur realizes that they gain so much more working 80 plus hours a week for themselves, because the journey, chaos, reward, and risk involved is often the fuel that drives and propels the vision they make happen daily.