July Wrap-up: How to Start a Business While in College

My life has changed in the first semester of college.

Started a company called, MBNY Media, Inc. on July 3rd, 2017.

My credit score has gone up 187+ since June 8th. My finances are accounted for and managed.

I’ve always felt confident and full of esteem, the difference has been how empowered I’ve been. Business and money love speed and action and I’ve continued to build the habit and lifestyle that maintains this. College will help solidify those things over time. I’m sitting here shaking my head, consolidating everything that was July, and the Spring/Summer semester at Berkeley College. 

Before July ends….

What are three business lessons you’ve learned?

1. The more action you take on a daily basis, the more momentum I had to tackle the tasks and goals. Business responds to speed and action and the more things I can find to do for MBNY, the better return I see. 

2. Continue to dream and imagine things that I want to accomplish in life and in my business. When I was a kid, I always felt like time moved slowly. Things dragged on, and I felt like I always had to play a waiting game in order to attain the things that I dreamed and imagined. As an adult, time has taken on a speed and pace all of it's own. It's as if I'm looking for ways to slow down how fast the years are going by. But one thing I've noticed is, I've been able to manifest the things that I dream and imagine, much quicker as an adult. Maybe it has to do with the way that time is perceived as and adult versus the way it's perceived as a child, but I've noticed that my life continues to manifest my goals and aspirations, often within 6-12 months. The lesson this within this is to continue to dream, but dream bigger. Become extravagant and outrageous with my monthly goals and challenge myself to reach for something a bit further out of reach.

3. Instagram is my social medium of choice. It allows me to focus on the image and visual branding we want to establish behind MBNY Media, Inc., without me having to be the face and personality behind the brand on social media. I've been using Iconic landmarks throughout New York City. Buildings that will ultimately reflect the buildings in the skyline within the logo. I've been searching #entrepreneur hashtags and creating conversations and making comments with influencers or potential like minded individuals to network with. My goal with Instagram has not been established yet. i'm prioritizing the habit of posting 5-7 times a day. At the moment I've only been consistently positing 2-3 times a day. So when I get towards 5 or 6 a day by mid August, I will then set a target for followers and direct messaging people to start building win win content for both parties.

what are three things you’re looking to do in your business in August?

1. Get my Instagram following to 700+

2. Source and net profit $5000 in monthly revenue

3. 6 Instagram posts 7 days a week consistently by end of August +.


You have till midnight to tell me What are three business lessons you’ve learned this month and what are three things you’re looking to do in your business in August?