Human Relations: How Psychological and Social Norms Interact With Employees Performance

Human Relations: How Psychological and Social Norms Interact With Employees Performance

Human Relations:

A classical management approach that attempted to understand and explain how human psychological and social process interact with the formal aspects of the work situation to influence performance.

Developed in the 1930’s aimed at truly understanding how psychological and social norms interact with the work environment and an employees performance.

This is the first look at emotional intelligence. 

Leading and managing understanding that there are external factors beyond skill  and competence that affects someone’s performance.

This is HUGE in front line supervisory positions where most people learn what entails managing human beings as a resource.

Getting a human being to do what you need them to do in order to accomplish a company objective.

This style and approach to management combines many other approaches into one. 

Gilbreth’s Scientific Management

Barnar and Follet’s Administrative Management

Western Electric Company hired a team of researchers from Harvard that were lead by Fritz Roethlisberger and Elton Mayo. They studied the influence of physical working conditions on workers efficiency and performance. 

The research project was known as the Hawthorne Studies. It provided some of the most controversial results in business management history.

A series of exerpeiments conducted from 1924 to 1932 that studied various factors and whether the effected productivity or revenue. 

“The researchers concluded that the workers reacted and performed differently because the researchers were observing them.”

The Hathorne Effect is people’s reaction to being observed or studied resulting in superficial rather than meaningful changes in behavior.

Being able to do what is right, regardless of who is watching. The hawthorn effect is a popular occurrence in the business world. 

AFTER thoughts...

In the Marine Corps…
It’s hard to be someone you’re not over the ups and downs and personally and professionally being in the service. 

Who you truly are surfaces fast when you’re being stressed from every direction possible. 

In the civilian world, the illusion and perception of discipline, hard working individual, is often a false reality.