How to Write a Business Plan for 2018

Entrepreneurship Business Plan Notes from lecture October 31, 2017

Cover Page
Table of Contents
Appendices: No graphs or pictures in paragraphs. Use "see appendix A" diagrams. Or "see appendix B" illustrations.

Business Plan must be single spaced
12-15 pages of content & appendices

I. Executive Summary: Written after majority of business plan has been written. It will be a summary of the entire business plan. It will consist of 1-2 pages.

II. Your Product & Target Customer: Product name, Unique Value Proposition, Need/Problem. The product is ___________ and fulfills ___________ need in the marketplace. Most important benefits. Grab the attention of Investors and lenders. Product/Need/Target in detail. Demographics. Psychographics. Economics. Be very precise. What is the void in the marketplace and who is the product or service for? 1-2pages.

III. The Market & Industry of Your Product: Data trends, facts, graphs, competitors/competition, everyone producing product or providing same service. Future outlook of product/service of company. 1-page.

IV. The Competition: SWOT Analysis. Unique Selling Point versus unique value proposition. USP is marketing benefits to customer. It get's the customer sold. UVP is the benefits or characteristics of your product/service. 1-page

V. Marketing Plan: Pricing, Advertising, Distribution, Branding, 4 P's of marketing matrix. 2-3 pages

VI. Financials: Income Statement (revenue-expenses). 1-page. Balance Sheet (assets=liabilities + Owner Equity). 1-page. (2-pages total)

VII. Management Team: People that have expertise to run the company. Bio's. Professional Headshots. 1-2 pages

VII. Appendices