How to Start a Business Online: Needed Equipment

I started with a professional reseller account on Amazon and Ebay. Amazon charges $39.99 for their service, which includes storage, shipping, and customer service. This also prevents us from being charged a .99 fee per item. We are aiming for 400-500 items in inventory, so it adds up after a few items.

With Ebay we are charged per transaction. Ebay is used primarily to liquidate any inventory that does not sell on Amazon.

Here is the equipment we purchased to start an online business.

Iphone w/ unlimited data (and hotspot): This is my primary and personal line. I use the hotspot capability to link my iPad and other wifi reliant devices.

Iphone or mobile phone: (use an old one you already own) An extra Iphone will save you time when in the field or in a store. First, I want a dedicated business phone, separate from my iPhone. I did not want to use my main phone to source products, so having an extra iPhone 6 came in handy. I use it to take and video or photo footage when out and about. It also serves as my scanning device when researching product data.

Bluetooth Scanner: $70 We purchased a KDC 2001 from Amazon. It's small and discreet and fits in the palm of my hand  while holding the iPhone.

FBA Scan IOS Software: $10(monthly) This mobile app allows us to research items while in the field at a flea market, thrift store, or department store. It gives all encompassing information that allows you to make smart buying decisions, in the moment.

Velcro w/ sticky back: $4 Attaches the bluetooth scanner to the back of our iPhone case. Easy attach and detach capabilities.

Battery charger: $30 Running my work iPhone on wifi and bluetooth simultaneously drains the battery Uber fast. I rely on a backup often and it's a must have in your work or everyday bag.

Totes Storage Bins: $25 Went out to Home Depot and bought 6 of these for my holding area. Currently MBNY Media does not outsource the inventory receiving and handling. By Feb 1 2018, we will have that capability, but for now, these storage bins work well. 

Dymo Label-writer 450 Printer: $60 This has been an amazing reseller tool. It uses heat to print, so you never need to replace in or toner. We bought two 1,000 label rolls from Amazon. This speeds up the printing to product process. No need for 30 up sheets.

Ink Jet Printer: Your choice. You'll need it to print out shipping labels. We use it to scan documents, make copies, and general printing purposes. Most modern office printers work.

Small Moving Boxes: $11 for 15 boxes.Home Depot again. I bought these online and picked them up in person the next day. 16x12x12 is the size to go with. Amazon wants you to keep your boxes under 50 pounds and these boxes guarantee that for our media items. This is more a logistical decisions based on your business needs.

Dolly or hand truck: $35 We bought this foldable and collapsable light weight dolly for our shipping center trips. 

These are thing to make your day to day operations productive and efficient, saving time you time.