How to Start a Business and Design a Business Logo

MBNY Media, Inc. needed a logo and squarespace offers theirs custmers a free logo design for free.

So I designed the first logo draft, to use as a place holder while we have the official logo designed.


  • An Array of Icons – Choose from over 30,000 icons provided by The Noun Project.
  • Simple UI – You can use the easy-to-use, browser-based design tool to instantly create a basic logo for your business or project.
  • Preview and Download – Preview your logo in context on a business card, website, or t-shirt. You can download black on white, white on black, and full color version files.
  • Affordable Price – Squarespace Logo is free for customers and $10 (USD) a logo for non-customers. Source: Logos

It's the same logo that is above the header of this page now, but the buildings are now more digitized in appearance.

The USP unique selling point has been focused a bit more to provide a better idea of what the business does.

I created three more alternatives, then  conducted a simple, short survey online for suggestions from people in my network.

After the designs you'll be able to read their comments.

They were instructed to  provide criticism and feedback. They had to find fault and could not simply answer that they liked it.

They were also encouraged to make design suggestions and color palette recommendations.

This is what I came up with:

         Version 1

         Version 1

         Version 2

         Version 2

         Version 3

         Version 3

         Version 4

         Version 4

Noel Kelly: "Add Leveraging the Digital Marketplace One Resource at a time."

Phillip Villegas: "4 or more colors that are dominant in nature, along the lines of dark oranges and blues. Add a night sky preferably dark blue, a moon, a full one, a full moon shows completion or fullness. Have the buildings black with white lights for Windows.  Make the moon yellow. Similar to the yellow hue from a new moon like this . Make the buildings a little bigger to make it more grand stretch it to where the "N" in"MBNY" ends end of media."

Aldo LES: "Change the bold on the mbny media , inc . And maybe even the font I feel like it will make your logo pop out more .Less bold and try script as the font, no colors maybe shades of gray on the buildings. I like the last one but combine it with the logo of the first and cut out one resource at a time ."

Alex C.: "I think Image of Buildings could be a little bigger, no coma after Media unless u see other companies with similarly grammar, maybe just MBNY MEDIA. Blue n Red colors. Blue for NY Red for power."

Courtney Lee: To me it looks good. Looks like a tower. Send it to Jonathan & Diane to get a different age group perspective Millennia land Generation Z's perspective. Remember they live on internet.

Kaynea David: I like it... simple and professional!  

Kristen Sedita: On the surface though.  I like it. Might just want to change the font up a bit. 

What are your thoughts, ideas, or suggestions. 

Leave your comment below and start a conversation.