How to Start a Business: 3 Reasons Why I chose Squarespace to Build MBNY Media Inc

3 Reasons Why I chose SquareSpace to build MBNY Media, Inc.’s Website.

Authors Bias - Speed as an online entrepreneur is paramount. When I'm managing multiple aspects to MBNY Media at the same time, being able to create, document, and distribute content in a system that is professional and straight forward is where my needs are.

One big distinction I've made is that Wordpress is like a Microsoft computer, while SquareSpace is like an Apple computer. If you need a ton of customization and add ons, in any way, shape, or form that you can imagine...then you'd want to build on the Wordpress platform. Microsoft. If you're on the other side of that and looking for a system that is streamlined, flexible, and built to take the smaller tasks and liabilities of building a self hosted website, in a templated format designed by world class designers to be aesthetically pleasing, yet professional. Apple. So my bias lies in that, I enjoy the functionality of Apple, and SquareSpace products and apps fit perfectly into my system, and its current workflow.

3 Reasons Why I chose Squarespace

to Build MBNY Media Inc

1.  It’s a Self-Hosted Open Source Platform. 

Modern Templates - SquareSpace has allowed me to go through various templates, finding the right fit for the blog. It’s been provided unlimited flexibility in customizing the site to my preferences. They use designers from all over the world, who are recognized for the wed and graphic design.

Template Switching – "SquareSpace allows you to install multiple templates onto a single website and work on multiple designs at once." As you read this post, I'm working on a more visually appealing site, that still focuses on the words, but adds a bit more color and inspiring photography.

Workflow - Currently, I have 24 days worth of blog articles and content scheduled to automatically be distributed on this blog, over the next month. The daily goal is to write 1 - 3 pieces of content daily that is added to the cue. SquareSpace has IOS Apps that allow me to post directly to the blog from my iPhone or iPad. This allows me to maximize 15 minutes of free time between classes or appointments or it affords me a scratch pad to save ideas that will turn into articles at a later time. The app also allows us to manage comments while were on the go.

As MBNY Media, Inc. and this blog grows, I will be able to evolve the blog  include stores, membership areas, and other tools that’ll allow me to scale our audience. SquareSpace is integrated with G-Suite, which is google's professional email service for Businesses. It costs MBNY $10 a month for amazing, popular business tools such as Google Docs, Google Drive and Google Calendar, that we've taken advantage of to give MBNY Media, Inc. an administrative edge. G-Suite integrates seamlessly with your custom domain (, and allows you to set up a custom email, that references your domain ( Back to speaking about productivity, I am able to manage my MBNY Business email account, directly next to my personal email account ( 

Having set up multiple sites since 2010, websites have to operate on a platform that allows you as the webmaster to update and evolve the look and feel of your site, without having being locked into a specific format is effective time management.

2.  SquareSpace Makes Blogging Security Easy. 

In the past you would have to add a bunch of 3rd party plugins to your website that ultimately made your website more vulnerable to hackers. 

I’ve previously had 3 websites on Wordpress open Platform. MyKneeHurts, JamaicanBlackCake, and ExercisesInTheHome. 

All three were hacked, no matter the level of security I put on the website. There was always a small opening through a third party app that left the sites vulnerable and exposed to hackers. Multiple times I lost all of the data I didn’t have backed up.  SquareSpace handles things differently that Wordpress.

With Wordpress you have to  provide your own hosting, where as with SquareSpace, they use their own servers to protect the content on your site. In addition to using their primary servers to back up your site, they also create a secondary backup of your content on standby servers. If anything were to shut down your site, they can easily shift to these backup systems to restore your service immediately.

SquareSpace handles your images, documents, and audio/video files on a dedicated storage system that create multiple copies of your data on various physical hard drives. 
You also have the option of saving backups of your content. So even though SquareSpace was able to recover data even in the face of “acts of god”, like Hurricane Sandy, where SquareSpace had to bad power outages in lower manhattan while getting servers back up and running. You can backup your files and content manually, using other services or the hard drive on your computer.

Learning to back up your data and site content regularly is an important habit to develop as a webmaster, whether you’re using SquareSpace or not.

3. Straight Forward SEO Search Engines Love

Google has always been the holy grail of search engines, and they set the precedence for the algorithm used to get the most traffic to your website for free. Organic search engine traffic. As with all things where you’re trading peoples attention for profit, having a mobile friendly or mobile version of your site is paramount in the now, as well as the future.

Google will rank your website on it’s ability to quickly load and be viewed on a smart phone mobile device. So things that are ok on a website (ads, pop ups, etc.) are not something google favors. So they will take that into account when choosing which site to present to consumers searching for information your website holds.

SquareSpace utilizes Accelerated Mobile Pages, which makes search engine optimization a minimal task.  “Built-in Mobile Websites – Every design automatically includes a unique mobile experience that matches the overall style of your website, so your content will look great on every device, every time. If desired, you can disable the mobile view from Website Manager”. 

Back to the issue of security. It's important to stress the point that, on Wordpress sites, you have to use third party plugins, to take advantage of the power and traffic that a search engine optimized website can bring your company's website. With SquareSpace, no third party plugins are necessary.

All of the tools you would need in order to make your website accessible and valued by googles web crawlers.

4. Google Loves Speed.

And google loves speed because it knows that most people who are accessing your information on their smart phone will not wait long at all, for your site to load. If you have large high quality photos, you're going to run into storage space limits. And if you have unlimited space, you may have to pay extra to have those photos load in an expeditious manner. SquareSpace takes the headache out of having large files, in particularly photos, and making sure they load as fast as google or your web visitor would like. 

On SquareSpace's Feature Index Page, the way they describe their Responsive Image Loader as a process that, "generates several scaled versions of each original image file uploaded. Our image loader detects and selects the appropriate image size to load for every device and screen - including Apple devices with Retina Displays." 

So you can be assured the pages within your companies website load fast and responsive whatever device your visitors are using.