How to Start a Blog and Why I decided to Start One Today

Why I decided to start a business blog

The most common reason people start blogs is to share their passion for a specific niche. For me, It was to learn how to start and run an online business from scratch. And this blog, which I’ll call a journal is the place where I’m documenting that journey.

I’ve started blogs and websites for other businesses, but in this case, I’m in business school learning about business management and entrepreneurship, so I felt it was an appropriate place to test, experiment, journal, and document things worth noting. 

Further more, It’s a challenge in rewiring the way that I treat my life in both business and personal senses. I grew up in a private and secretive household and society where things where under the table and behind closed doors. Transparency is most important to me. Building the habit of honest open business transactions and forthcoming, cards face up approach to my personal relationships.

2. Developing myself as a writer is the number one reason I went back to school. I wanted to be able to empower myself to write what I think, feel, and believe, without caring what other people think, as much as I want the feedback and information strangers and critics have of my words. 
I’ve excelled in sales having an ability to deal with rejection and relating to others. That’s mostly been in a one on one face to face scenario. Via this journal and documenting how to start a business, I will get regular daily practice writing about business and entrepreneurship in ways that reinforce the principles, theories, and strategies I’m learning as a college student.

3. Sharing, Helping, and Clarifing Facts is Paramount.
Yes, the internet has a ton of free information. But what you will quickly learn is how confused you are by the many approaches and experts who contradict and oppose each others information.  I do not claim to being an expert but I do run experiments and try various techniques that Gary Vaynerchuk may have recommended on his #AskGaryVee Show.  Point is, I want to be a resource to ask, answer, bounce ideas around and ultimately build a mastermind group of individuals who all have similar goals and hold each other accountable while innovating ideas that move as the marketplace does.