How to Prepare for An Awesome Podcast Interview with Pat Flynn

I’ve been working on a podcast.

Here is Pat Flynn discussing how to prepare for an awesome podcast.

1. Be prepared. 

Know who you are speaking to and why you want them on your show. Pat says too many people have episodes that are all over the place. Having an understanding of the questions your audience wants answeres to, it involves undersanding why you want them on the show in the first place.

2. Do Not Over-prepare

You can overprepare. In this case, Pat talks about where a guest may know more information than you as a podcast host. So understanding the questions your audience would want to know allows you to extract information in a curious, insinctual way that will resonate with your audience.

3. Scheduling

Getting past the gatekeeper is important. Ensuring that you show up when you are expected to conduct the interview. Pat warns that he's missed appointments in the past and it has reflected poorly on his business. He advises you to follow up with your expected guest, a few days prior to the interview to ensure everything is still on schedule.

4. Test Your Equipment

This one should go without being said but, test your equipment. Microphones, MacBook recorder, etc. Make sure your Skype is up and running. Pat advises you restart your computer before the show to ensure everything is in check.

5. Get rid of distractions

Notifications, bells, and other alarms on your laptop, smart phone, or iPad, will disturb your show. Even worse it may upset your guest. Ensure you turn off all phone notifiers.  Setting up some sort of signal that lets anyone who may disturb your recording session know that you will be recording for and hour or more. 

Daniyel Bingham