How to Get More Instagram Followers for Your Online Business

How to Get More Instagram Followers Fast

Neil Patel is famous for his social media marketing strategies. I wanted to watch a few of his videos and post the notes I extract from his tutorials. Their short quick snippets of information that is specifically driven to provide step by step instructions on how to accomplish more in your online business via social media.

Neil Patel on How to Get More Instagram Followers

Step 1:

Neil Patel says it’s important to ensure you have an engaging or amazing profile picture. “something that’s professional and looks good.” I would also add that you should be smiling. It’s also worth noting that women get better engagement online from both male and female followers. Sex sells to men, and women trust another woman in cyber space, more than a random guy. Daily pics also do well if you’re in a family business or are more of a social or lifestyle entrepreneur. I prefer to show my face and person online, because I want people to know who they’re doing business with and trust is one of my three pillars of business.

Beyond having a great profile picture, Neil suggests having a catchy bio description. Something that shows a glimpse of your personality and who you are or what your business does. For MBNY Media, Inc.’s Instagram page, I chose to share that I am a college student studying entrepreneurship and that I’m an iPhone camera user. This is what it currently says:

“Daniyel Bingham is in the undergraduate program at #berkeleycollege #nyc, studying #business #management & #entrepreneurship. He uses the #Iphone7plus #camera.”

This is also a similar template I’ve used on my other social media accounts on twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Giving people a reason to follow you is vital to getting people interested in who you are or what you have to say and sell.  The description should serve as a precursor to the type of content you will be posting on the page. 

Step 2:

Uploading beautiful vibrant pictures with a mood or energy that inspires people. The visual appeal of your images cannot be understated. Images with poor quality, or that you’ve stolen from a google image search, do not perform well and presents an untrustworthy social profile.

With instagram, it is a platform that allows you to see what others are doing, that would seemingly be clues as to their success. If you head to Instagram search and type in: #entrepreneur, you would get top results of people who currently have the most engaging content. You’d also be able to see the most recent posts under your hashtag keyword.

Step 3:

The power of building a habit of posting on Instagram consistently and regularly with premium images. You will need to post to Instagram twice a day on a schedule that is consistent. If you make a post before bed and first thing when you wake up, stay consistent with that posting schedule.

Neil Patel Describes How to Get More Instagram Followers

Neil specifically advices to use a long photo description. This allows you to show up in search results that are relevant to what people are looking for within Instagram. 

Adding a few hashtags is also important. Avoid using more than 5-10 hashtags at a time. Some people add extreme amounts of hashtags to their posts. This comes across as desperate and tacky as a professional. Fuse hashtags into a normal post about relevant content.

Step 4.

Follow 30 Instagram

Make sure you follow 30 people per hour in your niche or industry of choice.  This will allow people to follow you back and you will get more comments likes and engagement, which will allow them to share your content with others. 
You can also tag people in your pictures, which allows a chain reaction of shares like and follows that builds your Instagram following.

Let me know if this has helped. 
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