How To Create An Avatar For Your Online Business

Question #1: Who are your dream clients? Who do you actually want to work with?

  • Who are my ream clients? 
  • What do they look like?
  • What are they passionate about?
  • What are their goals, dreams, and desires?

Create an avatar for the men you want to work with.

Create an avatar for the women you want to work with.

Pick a name for your avatars.

Write out the things you know about your avatars dreams, goals, desires, setbacks, roadblocks, and challenges. Write out their values and beliefs? 

Go to google images and find a picture that fits the vibe and feel of the personality you've created for your avatar.

Print the avatar profiles out and hang them on your business planning or strategy board.

It may seem odd, but it's important all steps are completed, down to printing out the completed profile.

Question #2: Where can you find them? Where do they hang out online? What social media platform do they populate more or less. What blogs and magazines do they read? Do they hang out in any forums? What kinds of hobbies do they have as interests? Fishing, bowling, dancing. You have to know who has your money (as Grant Cardone says) and where they hang out.

Ensure you know who you are looking to attract and where they are online. 

Write down a few places you think the prospects are online.

Question #3: What bait will you use to bait them? Bait can be a free report, guidebook on how to do something, secrets of expert insiders, etc. Something that your ideal prospect will want to pay attention to and want. 

Create a lead magnet that discern between beginners-intermediates and your ideal client or customer. Something that would repel or be above the understanding of the client you are looking to turn away or dissuade. Yet something your ideal client or customer will understand and be attracted to.

Discovering or uncovering what your ideal client or customer truly desires is paramount.

The lead magnet or bait has to match what your ideal client or customers interest.

Question #4: What result do you want to give them? Once they respond to your lead magnet or bait, what result do you want to provide your customer or client with. Think in business terms. What needs do they have that we are providing a business towards.

Understanding where you want your ideal client or customer to land within your company is key.

Have a mindset and vision that sees your client being able to pay anything you'd want them to pay in order to get a desired result. 

Russell Brunson suggests:

What would you do to help guarantee their success?

Where would you lead them?

What does that place look like?

He says to keep that place in mind; it's the pinnacle of success for your clients.

Use the area below in the comments to take action on this simple exercise to help you get started creating an avatar for your business.