How to Boost Your Credit Score to Get Your Apartment, House, or Car Loan

Admittedly, I've struggled with understanding the credit system 

And much like a failing business, I did not have a process or system in place to manage my personal finances in a way that levraged the "system".

Having been in the fortress credit program, I've been studying principles of financing that will prevent me from further making financial errors. 

Below I go over the first seven principles I'll be focusing on this week. Looking for areas in my lifestyle and financial habits where I can apply and take action on these principles, further instilling habits of a successful business owner running a profitable business.

Principle 1: It's not what you make but what you keep that determines financial success. Pay yourself first and save what you pay yourself.

Principle 2: Money is a gift. It has a specific use. This means that you have a stewardship. You are to use your money for something that matters, for your family, business, and beyond.

Principle 3:  Live within your means. Always. No exceptions. Period. Follow a good budget. Give each spouse a small allowances so you have a littlediscretionary money each month, and don't nitpick each other on the little things.

Principle 4: Stop getting financial advice from broke people; get it only from those whose finances you want to emulate.

Principle 5:  Consistently budget and saved for unexpected expenses.

Principle 6: Pay 10% of your income to tithing or charity. Give even if you are broke. Giving puts you in a mindset of abundance and puts any financial worries in their proper perspective, so it should not be limited to just tithing or charity. Offerings to those in need also counts. Be socially responsible both personally and a a business.

Principle 7:  using your time, money, and talents to genuinely help others naturally increase your happiness. Seeking money for moneys sake may or may not influence your happiness, but seeking money in order to fulfill your stewardship and serve and bless others automatically increases it.