How Can a Woman Navigate the Male Dominated Corporate American Work Place Part 2

How should a woman navigate her way through a male dominated white work place?

In part one, t we discussed how a woman can navigate her way through a male dominated white workplace. In part two of this blog post, we want to hear the female opinion on their own situation within the workplace. I asked 15 of the closest women to me, both busienss owners and women who work for other companies and I've listed their responses below the video. You can hear Dame Dash's advice at 2:12.

Jessica L.- I have a great perspective on this. As a college educated, Delta Mu Delta, woman, I've had the opportunity to work both pre-and post college in corporate America in New York City and Greenwich, CT and Maryland. In finance, education and spirits. My perspective comes from both a corporate and non-corporate side and seeing, that regardless of whether it's corporate or not, it's male-dominated.

I never found intimidation in corporate America, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was moved to different departments a lot. So instead of being emotional, I saw it as an opportunity to learn every job I could to be invaluable to the company. And that's exactly what my results were in all the companies I've worked in. For a woman, getting aggressive in response to, and wanting To be seen as equal, sets them Up for failure, in my opinion. Men work differently than women. And when a woman wants to be treated with complete logic and no emotions, it has high probability to result in emotional decisions from a woman. When you embrace that you are a working 'woman', and not a man, is when the tension and intimidation releases and you can do YOUR job to the best of your ability.  White men run corporateAmerica, that's nothing new, but I believe in using everything to your advantage and you become an asset instead of a annoyance.