How Can a Woman Navigate the Male Dominated Corporate Workplace Part 3

How Can a Woman Navigate the Male Dominated Corporate Workplace Part 3

This time around I asked a female entrepreneur I met in the Salsa Dance Community, here in New York City. I asked about her experience in corporate America, prior to starting her own company. She shares her perspective from working for other companies and what it is like now that she works for herself. Here answer is not what you think.

Hmm, hard for me to give a meaningful reply as it's not my battle anymore, I am out of the corporate world. So I don't really have thoughts on how to improve it. For sure, it's a huge problem. Corporate America is certainly white male dominated. Women are talked over, their opinion is not appropriated or not considered in many cases just based on gender. It's often "damn if u do and damn if you don't situation": if a woman emulates male behavior, she is considered to be too brash and insensitive. If her behavior is more feminine, she comes across as weak.

Hilary Clinton illustrated a lot of this in the election. Never been here fan, it's just I thought "same as treatment of women by white men in corporate America".

I am infinitely happier, corporate world felt like a never ending put down situation. However, I have to say that I feel the same way now as a single woman dealing with construction workers, same experience with all races. The moment a man shows by my side, doesn't matter the race - they behave differently. So it feels to me that it's more male ego against female thing than race. In construction for sure as I had experience with all races, but corporate America is dominated by white males, especially high tech, my field. And there is no question that white privilege is rampant there. African American are by far a minority in high tech, even lower positions.

IBM, Lenovo, SAS Institute. Tiny percentage. Much fewer women too. So it's a white man dominated universe in the first place. Even smaller percentage of women and African Americans of any gender on higher levels. So that could be a factor too - they feel uninhibited, the world is their oyster based purely by the numbers. Only speaking of the industry I know. I believe a 100% that typical white males are biased agains both race and gender. So yeah, I do have a perspective, but Russia is a make dominated racist country, and it's far worst in both areas compared to America.

Masha C.