Friday Reflection: Notes from the week of August 19th - August 25

Friday Reflection: Notes from Sourcing

Today I analyzed 181 items and purchased 10 items.

My current inventory is at 57 media items. 

24 active listings.

33 inactive listings being prepared to be shipped to amazon FBA on August 26, 2017.

Total amount of media items sourced this week 33. 

4 to 5 media items per day on average.

Need to source 6-7 media items on average moving forward.

200 books will be the daily analyze goal.

Categories that are providing the best sourced books are currently business, law, photography, religion, and self-help.

I will continue to build the daily sourcing habits and will continue to do so daily, once the fall semester starts. 

One thing to note is that it is MUCH cheaper to source media items locally. 

Online there is a minimum 3.99 shipping requirement for 95% of the media items found. 

Some items have free shipping, but they are few far and rare.

Making the habit of sourcing books locally allow for a much lower cost to source books, while also keeping the high ROI.

Making the extra effort now will pay off later and will limit the interference of school.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to get out of the next semester. I will be taking 5 courses again, truly challenging myself.

Having achieved a 4.0 in the Spring semester, it is imperative that I utilize that momentum to consistent effort and grades.

The sourcing goal for the remainder of august will be 200 items analyzed daily. If we end up short on local sourcing, we will then supplement the difference via online media sourcing methods.

This week, the goal will be to source 50 books by August 31. 

That will bring the total inventory count to a minimum 100, to start the month of September.

In the month of September, the goal will be to source 50 media items a week minimum, which is 7 books per day for the week. 
The goal for September will be to have an inventory of 300 media items by September 30, 2017.