Entrepreneurship through Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence

Figuring out who you are through self-awareness is best for anyone who believes they are an entrepreneur. Measuring the resilience, drive, assertiveness, experience, and understanding needed to succeed and survive as an entrepreneur cannot be overstated. The entrepreneur expects failure, embraces failure, accepts failures, and views failure as information that course corrects their pursuit of their goal.

There is a romanticism surrounding being an entrepreneur, as if there is a blissful experience to leaving your well-paying 9-5 career occupation. The risk that is being grossly underestimated is far being an overconfidence bias, that would suggest a business owner’s belief in themselves, often proves enough to push them through trials and tribulations of business failure. If you and your product is good enough, we still live in a society where Donald Trump cannot stop you. Aliens from outer space cannot stop you.

Only you can stop yourself. The marketplace does not care about you. It cares about whether you can provide products and services for their needs or solutions to their perceived problems. An entrepreneur understands that it’s about foundational disciplines centered around never getting so upmarket that you forget what has gotten you to be a success in the first place.

If you find yourself having day dreams about what it would be like to lose everything you’ve built only to have to build it back from the ground up, then you understand what it is to be an entrepreneur. Because the reality is that you will have to prove yourself by rising from the bottom to the top, repeatedly, and you must love the cycle of chaos within that. It’s a disciplined journey in mental focus and battling losers around you who don’t believe in you or your vision. Humans are jealous and spiteful by nature, furthered by unconscious biases that many are not aware of.

The family and friends who don’t want you to be more successful than they are is often a lifelong battle that many people live with attempting to meet or live up to other people’s expectations. As soon as you can separate who you are from what other tell you about yourself, the faster you will be able to grow to your own moment of self-actualization. The sacrifice and commitment of an entrepreneur is lifelong and the lifestyle anyone displays will always show whether they have the habits needed to survive economic chaos.

The chaos and depression of a perceived turn in the market is the breeding ground an entrepreneur must have a love and passion for.