Entrepreneurship: Differences Between a Resume and Personal Brand

The entrepreneur understands the difference between having a resume and having a vision. Most people approach their resume as a tool to display their perceived talents, achievements, skills, and abilities in a format that allows a company to choose whether they would want to hire them as an employee. An entrepreneur doesn’t believe in resumes. An entrepreneur approaches everyday of their life as an opportunity to sell themselves. Sell their ideas.

Negotiate and leverage their creativity, skills, and resources, to bring their vision to a reality within a marketplace. Entrepreneurs are not looking for a company to maximize their potential or experience, they maximize their own potential and experience by monetizing the leverage it provides, from a much more empowered position. The average top performing job seeker is going into an interview looking to leverage the degree and experience in ways that would benefit the company, and the job seeker is appropriately compensated.

An entrepreneur may go into the same interview, but have the perspective that it a meeting, between themselves and a future business partner, who will be assessing the entrepreneur’s ability to deliver on promises and the entrepreneur is assessing whether the company they could potentially partner with, would allow them to achieve their vision and goal.