Bureaucracy: No One Man is Bigger Than The Shield

Bureaucracy: No One Man is Bigger Than The Shield

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Max Weber: A German sociologist who wrote a book called The Theory of Social and Economic Organizations. He was an advocate for the bureaucracy style of management.

Bureacracy is a classical management approach emphasizing a structured, formal network of relationships among specialized positions in the organization.

Max Weber believed that you could remove the randomness that happens when managers in the same firm have varied skills, experiences, and goals. 

He promoted the standardization of jobs so that changes to staff, would not affect the company’s goals. 

No one man is bigger than the shield.

Having a structured, group of relationships within a network of specialized expert and skilled positions within the company.

This gave the firm the ability to be self-sustained, should any one personnel position be removed. The boundaries and regulations agreed upon collectively, then allow efficiency and success in a consistent, unbiased manner.

The larger the organization, the more important bureaucracies become. Maintaining a standard of performance and output for routine activities is necessary for a corporations longevity. 

Military organizations are easily the place I’ve grown accustomed to beaurcpatic leadership styles. 

...this type of work environment... where everyone is held to the same bar. 

I also do this with a tremendous sense of emotional and cultural intelligence. Being a manager in New York, it’s not enough to have interpersonal skills. 

Being able to manage with cultural sensitivity, is as important.