Back from Vacation.

Will resume posting Wednesday.

An amazing story and conclusion to the Tuxedo Rental marketing case study.

You will be amazed at the customer service I received.

I've had time to brainstorm and innovate ways of progressing this blog and journal.

Monday through Friday posts remaining...

While weekend blog posts will no longer be a priority.

This will allow me to post quality content without being redundant or overzealous in meeting a daily quota.

I've also needed to address my time-management of studying for financial accounting.

I'm not performing as well as I need to and have started taking tutoring...

Which is cutting into my off time and blog writing time allotment.

These adjustments will allow me to remain focused on Accounting, tutoring, and being able to perform in accounting...

The way I've performed in other classes.

My professor for Principles of Management stresses working on your weakness.