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#RunPainFree Triage Film at the 2017 New York City Marathon
Copywriting 101: My Awesome Mother and How we wrote Copy for Sweet Potato Pudding

How do you sell a Jamaican Sweet Potato Pudding?

As a copywriter...

It's similar to market research.

You have to know the breakdown...

So I asked my mother if there were any traditions or sayings...

relative to Jamaican sweet potato pudding.

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Copywriting 101: The Storyline I Used To Sell My Mama's Jamaican Desserts Online

What would you say to your loved one or friend in your personal note?

Think about what you’d say in a small memo…
and then go and send them one of my rum cakes.
I will write out the card on your behalf.

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Entrepreneurship: Lectures Notes of a Day at Berkeley College, NYC (MidTown Campus)
Learning to Respect the Power of Debt as an Entrepreneur