8 Things You Need to NAIL before Presenting to a Venture Capitalist

8 Criteria an Ideal Candidate Must Have For a Venture Capitalist

  1. The lead entrepreneur must have significant management and entrepreneurship experience, with demonstrated ability to grow a company.

  2. Some members of the management team must have worked together before.

  3. The product/service is by far, better than the competition.
  4. If it is a technology type of company, the chief technical person must be a star.
  5. The marketing leader must have a proven track record.
  6. Company has potential to go public within 5 years.
  7. Intellectual property is carefully protected. 
  8. Company has satisfied customers.
  9. Potential Return of 7 times higher.
  10. Internal Rate of Return of 60% or higher. (Risk is the 10% markup on $ saved in a bank. It covers the risk and losses of lending money).

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*5-7 % return on any extra $ is good, but a venture capitalist will expect returns of 60% or higher.