How to Start a Business in 2018

How to Start a Business?

Dream big. I have a mentor who wants to buy the jets one day. It’s both as likely to happen as much as it’s unlikely to happen.

Since 2015, my personal goal is continuing to become a millionaire before I turn 50.

I had a professor this semester who mentioned in class that if you’re not a millionaire by 30, more than likely, you’ll never be one. Ironically, that statement was fuel to the fire that drives me daily towards that goal. It's as likely not to happen, as likely as it is going to happen. It has become the perfect goal to continually readjust towards, on my journey over the next ten years, towards reaching my goal.

Self awareness…

I’ve always worked hard and have always been able to focus in and get a job done when needed. However, it took me a while to realize I was doing addition. I never understood the multiplication and repetitive nature behind regular business. I was under the assumption you have to hustle hard for every dollar. And while that may be true, I learned in the Marine Corps that it’s always better to work smarter, not harder. So being able to reach a million net profit, before turning fifty years old, resulted in me going back to college at 38, to learn how to multiply and create repetitive business for a company I start, operate, and ultimately OWN.


I’m an online entrepreneur. I risk and invest my time, capital, and resources (livelihood), to create sources of income via the digital marketplace on the world wide web. I left the fitness industry and corporate America, to start my own online fitness business, which failed. Which was best for me as an online entrepreneur because it taught me how to maximize the flexibility of world wide and electronic commerce, in the face of having to make ends meet. I set up my first website to sell Jamaican desserts, after convincing my mother (who taught me entrepreneurship and leadership by example) to partner with me, by baking all of our needed cakes and goodies. (Email here if your interested in Jamaican Gourmet Desserts) While this second online commerce venture was successful, it was seasonal. Our sales dried up by Spring and that was my lesson consistent, repetitive business. 

I enjoy living in New York city and being able to work from a different part of the city, one day to the next. Tribeca to the upper east side. Brooklyn Public Library or the New York Public library. 
My office views constantly change.

I created this business plan because I was curious to learn how to start a business from scratch. The business plan on this website, is not to convince you to invest in any of my businesses. I created this business plan to show you it’s possible for you to invest in you, NOW. This website is an example of how to make money online. 

I created this company because I’m a college student studying business management & entrepreneurship, and I know that starting my own business is the best way to learn and apply the education I am getting, to a real business. And that real business will also be able to pay for my college education (tuition).